Who Else Wants to Surround Themselves with Pine Trees and Waterfalls in Black Sea?

Things to do in Black Sea Turkey:

  1. Explore the highlands
  2. Kick back in coastal towns

In this post, I'm only going to write about the highlands. For me, the highlands are the hidden gems of the Black Sea. That is why I preferred to visit highlands instead of coastal towns this time.

Highlands of the Black Sea



Probably the most famous of all. During the summer, it gets swamped. Don't let the crowds discourage you. Ayder is beautiful despite the crowds. There is another reason why Ayder attracts tourists more than others. It is easier to get here than other highlands.



Have you seen the famous breakfast photos on Instagram? This the place where people take those photos. Fame comes with a price. The restaurants here are more expansive than others.


This highland was my favorite.

When I first arrived, everywhere was covered with fog. So I sat down in a tea house and waited. I had some tea and watched fog reveal the astonishing view behind it. Half stone, half wooden houses, and the landscape were marvelous.

After the fog cleared completely, I saw Pokut in distance. What a scene 🙂


This is a beautiful place that I only saw in photos. When I was there, it was very foggy. It never cleared.

Even in the bad weather, it's possible to have fun. The proof is our guide. He took out his bagpipe and started playing. Even though I didn't get to see the view, I had a great time.


This highland is a special one because it has a small lake. You can stroll around the lake and just take in the beauty of nature.

things to do in black sea turkey


Do you want to be above the clouds? If yes, go to Huser. On the way up, there is a cute little family-owned restaurant. I strongly suggest you make a stop. Their food was delicious. Sadly I forgot the name of the place. Since there is nothing much around, you can't miss it.


This one is a hidden gem. It is not swamped with tourists. You can enjoy its beauty by yourself or with a few people.


Another hidden gem. Here you can stay in a traditional house.

things to do in black sea turkey

Things To Do In Black Sea Turkey

Palovit Waterfall

If you want a close-up photo with the waterfall, prepare to get wet. To get closer, you need to pass a bridge.
There is a sign near it. It says "Maximum 4 people are allowed to pass the bridge at the same time". However, no one cared. It made me a little nervous, but I did it anyway.
When in Rome, right 🙂


Firtina river is a safe rafting spot for beginners. There are multiple places along the river that offers rafting tours.

Zip Line

It is a popular activity. Most of the rafting places offer zip line as well. Some restaurants by the river have a zip line too.

Senyuva (Çinçiva) Village

Senyuva's former name is Çinçiva. Ever since it was featured in a popular TV series called Sevdaluk; the village has been getting extra attention from Turkish tourists. If you take a walk around the village, you'll notice signs marking that the building featured in Sevdaluk. People line up to get their pictures taken with these buildings. As a matter of fact, it's easy to spot these buildings because of the crowds in front of them without seeing the signs.

It's hard not to notice the hillside mansions. They were built by families who returned to their homes from pre-revolutionary Russia. They immigrated there to work. Most of them returned as bakers. There were not many bakers in Turkey at that time. This helped them own businesses and get rich fast.

These days villagers are trying to create new sources of incomes to prevent the young population from moving to the big cities.

Last, I want to mention a couple of places I stumbled upon while meandering in the village.

Çinçiva Coffee

They have marvelous views of the arched stone bridge dating back to early Ottoman times.

Peri Dukkan

This is a cute little shop. Here you can find souvenirs and local delicacies.

Zua Coffee

If you need something other than tea and turkish-coffee; this one and only 3rd wave coffee shop I've seen.

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